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Copy of Juan Juca 4.30.09

Copy of Juan Juca 4.30.09 - 347.365.1833 917.806.3196 Cell...

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Juan Juca Home Visit Appointments Thursday, April 30, 2009 1 of 1 Address Zip Telephone Usernames/Passwords Problem Category Appt. Time Parent Signature Solution 59995 Rubbani Ghulam Hamid Rukhsana 11224 718.333.1815 59860 Atkins Patricia Benjamin Rochelle 11236 NOT AVAILABLE RETRIEVAL 29340 Chauca Tanya Luisa Emma 11237 RETRIEVAL 48303 Faison Faison Tolga 11213 347.789.4363 NOT AVAILABLE RETRIEVAL Student ID # Student Last Name Student First Name RP Last Name RP First Name City, State, 2735 West 15th Street, Apt. 1F Brooklyn, NY Username:  grubbani1     Password:  Swig.tine    Parent  Email:   [email protected] Net PC is not working, Rp not  exactly sure of what the  issue is.  TECH SUPPORT Thursday, 4/30/09 b/t 4PM - 9PM CONFIRMED 106-04 Glenwood Road, Apt. 1C Brooklyn, NY Home #
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Unformatted text preview: 347.365.1833 ------------------ 917.806.3196 Cell # Student is in the process of dis-enrollment. Retrieve PC. Thursday, 4/30/09 b/t 4PM - 9PM CONFIRMED 830 Hart Street, Apt. 2L Brooklyn, NY Home # 718.821.6062 ----------------- 718.810.5994 Cell # Username: tchauca1 Password: Jute.limae Parent Email: [email protected] Net Needs 2 PC's to be retrieved. Make sure that LE is installed on personal PC. Thursday, 4/30/09 b/t 4PM - 9PM CONFIRMED Rayale & Jamal 1545 Saint John Place, Apt. 3K Brooklyn, NY Student's are in the process of dis-enrollment Retrieve 2 monitors and 1 base unit. Thursday, 4/30/09 b/t 4PM - 9PM CONFIRMED...
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