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Zoo 470 – 2009 – Problem Set #3 Page 1 Name:________________________________ Student Number:__________________ If you worked in a group, other collaborators:____________________________________ 1. After graduating with an "A" in Zoo 470 you proceed through medical school and are beginning your first internship in the emergency room. You are presented with a male patient who displays clear symptoms of acute appendicitis (the appendix, located near the waist, usually on the right side of the body, can become inflamed and must then be removed quickly before it can rupture and cause a severe peritoneal infection). A quick check of the patient's medical records reveals a history of sterility and recurrent bronchial infections. You place your stethoscope on the left side of his chest, and can detect no heartbeat. After checking one more thing, you decide not to call in the heart failure unit and to proceed with the appendectomy. a) What convinced you not to worry about heart failure? ( 1 point ) After checking the right side and finding a healthy heartbeat, you realize this patient has situs inversus totalis, i.e., complete mirror reversal of the L/R axis. Such patients are quite healthy, so there is nothing to worry about. b) In beginning the appendectomy, where should you make your incision? Explain your rationale briefly. ( 1 point ) The problem statement says that the appendix is normally on the right side, we should make the incision on the left in this case.
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ps3_2009_key - Zoo 470 2009 Problem Set #3 Page 1 Name:_...

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