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Unformatted text preview: 10/21/08 LECTURE 23: Extracting Energy From Chemical Bonds Web Page http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/chem4A/ Instructor: Professor Richard J. Saykally D31 Hildebrand Hall 642-8269 Office Hours: TUES & THURS 11–12 N E-Mail: saykally@berkeley.edu Web Page: http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/~rjsgrp/ Chemistry: The Study of Chemical Reactions 1 10/21/08 CH4 + 2 O2 = CO2 + 2 H2O The Chemical Reaction •  •  •  Part I(Pines) Stoichiometry(chemical arithmetic) Atomic and Molecular Structure(quantum theory) States of Matter(gas, liquid, solid) Part II(Saykally) •  •  •  Energetics(1st Law, enthalpy, work, heat)…FIRE! Spontaneity(2nd Law, entropy, free energy) Equilibrium(Gibbs free energy, Keq, wet chemistry) Cowboy Chemistry The Study of Vigorous Chemical Reactions 2 10/21/08 BLACKBOARD 3 10/21/08 Law of Conservation of Mass Atoms are neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions---only REARRANGED 4 10/21/08 5 ...
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