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S09-HW Soln-Ch07 - Chapter 7 Process Selection Design and...

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Chapter 7: Process Selection, Design, and Analysis Problems, Activities, and Discussions Note: For all of these problems, you must get all variables in the same units of measure “before” you plug numbers into the formula! (1) A telephone call center uses three customer service representatives (CSRs) during the 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. time period. The standard service rate is 3.0 minutes per telephone call per CSR. Assuming a target labor utilization rate of 80%, how many calls can these three CSRs handle during this half-hour period? Service rate = 3 minutes/call or 10 calls/30 minutes/CSR Utilization ( U ) = Demand Rate/[(Service Rate)(Number of Servers)] 0.80 = DR/[(10 calls/30minutes/CSR)(3 CSRs) DR = (0.80)(30) = 24 calls/30 minutes (2) What is the implied service rate at a bank teller window if customer demand is 18 customers per hour, 2 bank tellers are on duty, and their labor utilization is 90%? Service rate = ??
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