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Homework 4 Acoustics I 2006, Fall Qt. Due date 11/15, 2006 Problem 1 We want a design analysis for a reactive type muffler to be used for a small automobile. The first-cut model is shown below. Using the 4 pole approach : Figure 1. Simple Expansion Chamber Type Reactive Muffler d=5 cm D=15 cm d=5 cm 30 cm 10 cm 200 o C, 1 atm A B A Engine side For the frequency range between 20 – 3,000 Hz,
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Calculate and plot the TL of the muffler proper (2) Calculate and plot the approximate insertion loss 10 20log A B Q IL Q = . (3) Discuss the results. Problem 2 Now, we change the design as shown below. All conditions remain the same as Problem 1 except the geometric design change. Calculate and plot the IL. d=5 cm d=5 cm 30 cm 10 cm A B 22 cm 8 cm 8 cm 2 cm Engine side...
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