Greek Philosophy

Greek Philosophy - Greek Philosophy Pre-Philosophy...

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Greek Philosophy Pre-Philosophy Philosophy means the love of knowledge or wisdom Begins with dissatisfaction with Greek religion Logos= the way things are o Controls the world Thinkers looked at gods and heard stories and thought that it didn’t really work What can we learn about life and the universe through critical thinking? Pythagoras 500 BC o May not have existed o Students did exist o Persuasive in assembly Pythagoreans o Believed in re-incarnation o Ethical-came back as human o Unethical- came back as animal o Vegetarians, but did not eat beans o Considered pre-philosophers because they found that the one characteristic about the gods and Logos was that they did not change o Ex. Math 2+2 always equals 4 Mathematical truths do not change= evidence of god o Ex. Music Take a string a foot long and tighten it, it will make a song Double the length, it will make the same sound, 1 octave lower=evidence of god Heraclitus of Ephesus (540-480 BC) Possible ID’s
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Greek Philosophy - Greek Philosophy Pre-Philosophy...

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