Roman Expansion

Roman Expansion - city of Carthage, Hannibal has to...

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Roman Expansion outside Italy Punic Wars Carthage and Rome are equal in power First Punic War 264-241 BC, Roman Victory 2 nd Punic War 218-201 BC o Hannibal lead the Carthaginian Army Most famous for invading Italy and marching army over the Alps o Carthaginians army made up of mercenaries, very professional o Hannibals strategy reflected their professional style o Couldn’t take city, so strategy was to go south through Italy and try to pull allies of Rome onto their side. o Romans went to stop him, fought a couple of battles, Hannibal effectively destroys all Roman armies sent to meet him o Taught Romans that they could not fight him head on o Strategy was to follow him wherever he went and track him, if he turned to fight, Rome would back up. o Rome attacks the Carthaginians where Hannibal is not, attack their cities while Hannibal is in Italy o In 203 BC, a roman army under Scipio Africanus, invades Africa and threatens the
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Unformatted text preview: city of Carthage, Hannibal has to withdraw from Italy to defend his city o 202 BC, The armies meet at Zama and Rome is victorious o 201 BC, Carthage falls and Rome dominates the Mediterranean • Hellenistic Wars 200-188 BC o Hannibal fled after Carthage fell and went to Philip V of Macedonia and told him that even though Carthage lost, Rome is critically weak o Advised Philip to take this advantage o Began to threaten Rome o Romans don’t want to fight, stop the draft, call for volunteers, beat the crap out of Macedonia o Romans conquer Greece o Hannibal then goes to Seleucid Empire, Antiochus III, and tells him that Greece is for the taking now that the Romans aren’t in Greece much o Rome goes to war with the Seleucians and destroy them in the Syrian War 192-189 BC o Hannibal kills himself...
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Roman Expansion - city of Carthage, Hannibal has to...

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