Christianity - • Cult of Isis (Egyptian) o Sarapis...

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Christianity Part I Introduction AD (anno Domini) began with the birth of Jesus (CE or :Common Era is often used) By law Christianity became the only legal religion in the west for the Roman Empire 395A AD Arguably the most important roman influence New testament was written in Greek and the language of the western church was Latin Fits well with Judaic Assumption that God works through humans Roman Religions Roman religion was derived from Greek religion. Took old gods and put them with Greek gods The roman religion closely associated with patriotism and roman power Recognized emperor existed as a god, did not think these had extra powers just showed patriotism/loyalty to state Developed Imperial Cult in empire o Personification of female goddess displayed in festivals to show patriotism Spiritual needs couldn’t be satisfied through roman religion so they began searching for new religions Mystery Religions Mystery- a ceremony that is presented to believers; become a believer through initiation Reflects spiritual yearning of the Romans
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Unformatted text preview: • Cult of Isis (Egyptian) o Sarapis (husband)- came before him in Last Judgment o Horus (son) o Had to be baptized (with water from Nile) o Ritual murder of Sarapis- for 3 days, believers mourn; on the 3 rd day, Sarapis rose from the dead o Expensive to advance from one level to the next (ex. Priesthood was higher level) o Priest were celibate(non-married • Cult of Mithras (Persian) o Derived from Zoroastrianism religion- both taught of 2 gods, 1 good, 1 evil o Both gods always in conflict o Should struggle to do good, if not then you support evil o Believed in last judgment o Had to kill a bull for initiation o Appealed to men and soldiers o Still 60 Mithras temples found in Rome o Major festival- birthday (12-25) • Cybele o First recorded in Rome 204 BC o Mother goddess, husband is Attis o Least known religion because the ceremony was washing away sins with blood, very close to Christian mass o Ritual murder of Attis and his wife Judaism at the Time of Christ •...
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Christianity - • Cult of Isis (Egyptian) o Sarapis...

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