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take home quiz 1 - Jason Brinsfield COMS 102 Take Home Test...

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Jason Brinsfield COMS 102 Take Home Test 1 1. The five fears that may cause nervousness are the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of the spotlight, the fear of breaking the rules, and the fear of fear. I identify with the fear of failure the most because failure can lead to rejection and other repercussions. You can overcome these fears while simultaneously improving your speaking skills by preparing well, practicing thoroughly, thinking positively, relaxing, and focusing on your audience. 2. You can avoid plagiarism by remembering to cite sources that you use in your speeches, even if you change the wording. 3. I am going to tell the story of how I received a brown card one day in second grade, which means my behavior was terrible that day. I will keep my storyline simple by telling a tale that anyone who remembers childhood can relate to—being disciplined for bad behavior. I will be sure to integrate a punch line by developing emotion right at the moment where I tell my dad about what I did. I have only three characters in my story— my teacher, my dad, and myself. Exaggeration will be an integral part of my speech to try to recreate the emotions felt by a child. My audience will relate to my story because every audience member has gone through the education system and has been disciplined at some point in there life. Lastly, I will practice my speech once it is well developed. 4. The second grade classroom can be a harrowing place for the timid. While many of us look back fondly at the childhood events that unfolded those
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take home quiz 1 - Jason Brinsfield COMS 102 Take Home Test...

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