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Unformatted text preview: Op-Ed Assignment(10 points)This 500-750 word (maximum) assignment is due in-class M Nov 23. You are also requiredto submit a back-up electronic copy online via the Blackboard site. You must also include an accurate word countat the end of your paper. An op-ed is an example of persuasive writing. It is an opinion piece written by a member of a community and published in a newspaper, magazine or other publication format. (The writer does notwork for the newspaper or other publication.) The term “op-ed” refers to where these opinion pieces are traditionally published in paper newspapers: opposite the editorials. Editorials are written by the newspaper’s editors and state the newspaper’s official position on controversial topics. NOTE: An op-ed can support and extend this official position, but often an op-ed challenges prevailing sentiments at the newspaper and/or in the community....
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