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mat 251 – calculus for life sciences fall 2009 mat 251 / exam three / study guide This list is not necessarily exhaustive. Any topic covered in lecture or homework is fair game for the test. Compare and contrast: Critical point vs. inflection point, decreasing and concave up vs. increasing and concave up, increasing and concave down vs. decreasing and concave down, radians vs. degrees, logistic growth vs. exponential growth, underestimates vs. overestimates. Find the derivative of exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Properly apply the first and second derivative tests. Assess increasing/decreasing behavior using the first derivative. Assess concavity using the second derivative. Identify both local and global maxima and minima using derivatives. Determine the range of a function over a specified interval. Discuss the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration. Produce a graph given information about its critical points and inflection points.
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