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HD 2160 Final Study Guide Exam Date: May 14, 2008 Time: 7 to 9:30 pm Place: 305 Ives Hall Exam format: 100 multiple choice questions Material covered on exam: Approximately 50 of the multiple choice questions will focus on lectures and readings since the second prelim (starting with Achievement, March 31). About 50 multiple choice questions will be drawn from major concepts from the material covered on the first two prelims (review your lecture notes, the first two study guides, and the cases). For the material since the second prelim: You should know all of the material covered in lectures starting with Achievement on March 31 (including guest lectures). From the readings , focus on the following questions and issues. In the case of articles on empirical studies you should also be familiar with the methods and findings. Achievement Steinberg, pp. 403-431: What did McClelland mean by need for achievement and fear of failure? Need for achievement- the extent to which an individual strives for success,intrinsically motivated, operates even in the absence of Fear of failure- fear of the consequence of failing in achievement situations. - often manifested in feelings of anxiety during tests or in other evaluative situations can interfere with success - come from families whove set unrealistic expectations on their kids Give some examples of self-handicapping strategies and reasons that students would use them. What are the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? What is stereotype threat and how does it influence students’ performance? Know the information about Dweck’s achievement motivation model and achievement attributions that was presented in lecture rather than Steinberg’s description. What kind of parenting is associated with academic success for adolescents and why? What are cultural capital and social capital and how are they related to students’ achievement? How do parents and peers operate together to affect adolescents’ school achievement? How are the following factors related to educational achievement: socioeconomic status, ethnicity, beliefs about the importance of effort and ability, and recent immigration status? How is stress related to socioeconomic status and achievement?
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Describe the trends in the performance of American adolescents on standardized achievement tests in the last 40 years. How does the standardized test performance of American high school students compare to students in other industrialized countries? At what rate do American adolescents drop out of high school? What percentage of these individuals eventually receive the equivalent of a high school degree? What are the differences in the rates at which African American, Latino and white adolescents drop out of high school? What is the best predictor of eventual occupational success for adolescents?
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hdfinalstudyguide - HD 2160 Final Study Guide Exam Date...

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