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Spatial Data Types–Data Structure Design at the Discrete Level (I) First idea for a data structure of the spatial data type region Represent a region object as a collection of faces corresponding to the structured definition t f t l d ll ti f 0 t di j i thl Represent a face as an outer cycle and a collection of 0 meet or disjoint hole cycles Represent a cycle as a collection of “meeting” segments (linear approximation) Problem: Data structure is very inappropriate for geometric operations We learn: If your task is to design an efficient data structure, always take into account all operations that have to be supported by it Frequently compromise needed since an efficient data structure does not exist r ll lgorithms for all algorithms Deeper reasons for designing a single data structure for each data type We want to design a type system with several types and many operations We should avoid the data structure transformation problem Better idea of a data structure
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lecture07 - SpatialDataTypes...

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