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project1 - CNT 5517 Mobile Computing Fall 2009 Professor...

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CNT 5517 - Mobile Computing Fall 2009 Professor Sumi Helal Project I: Mobile Client/Server Design and Implementation Due: October 13, 2009 In this project, you will design, implement, document and present a mobile client/server system using standard Java and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platform. Other platforms may be used but prior approval is required. Specifically you will design and implement a system that consists mainly of a mobile client (MC) and a Proxy Server (PS). MC will be written in J2ME, MIDP 2.0, while MC will be written in standard Java. You may have to use other components or existing resources (servers) as needed. For instance a database local to PS or a web service available on the Internet that can be invoked by the PS. The architecture of your system should look like the architecture below. You will use a mobile phone emulator to develop and demo your project. Information about how to get started, and which emulator to use are included in the Help Page of this assignment. You should quickly study J2ME and play around with the most basic features and mobile application interaction concepts (lists, text boxes, buttons, radio boxes, soft buttons, graphics, etc), and then move quickly to creating a simplest Client Server program to put your knowledge of using TCP/IP and its programmatic interface (Sockets) to test. Then you should move on to your specific project. The theme of this year’s mobile computing project I is “Personal Health & Wellness”. You should think and research enough to come up with an application idea that is: (1) substantial (not trivial), (2) cool, and (3) of high impact. The application must be networked (not stand-alone) and must use at least one network resource. You should think of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, etc. Think of how diseases are difficult to manage and come up with ideas and good Proxy Server (PS) Internet & Other Resources MC
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implementations that provide solutions that help individuals better cope with the disease. You may also think of wellness and proactive health in which, the issue is to assist individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Requirements: This is a group project. You are required to team up with a classmate, forming groups of two. This should be done immediately. Your PS is required to exhibit at least one adaptation as covered in class.
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