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Japanese History 4 - Japanese History 4 Human Condition 3...

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Japanese History 4 Human Condition 3 First half of 3 rd part End of War and Kaji’s interment in the Soviet POW camp. Japanese army are currently inside Soviet land. Kaji is with soldiers trying to get past a Soviet sentry. Kaji stabs the sentry, they run across undetected. Stained with blood of the killed soldier, I think Kaji is slowly deteriorating inside. Contemplating about what he’s done. Looks at his hands in frustration and guilt I would assume. Remembers what happened at the battle btwn the Russians and the Japanese. Thinks he is a murderer, whose hands once held you lost his charm. Was he justified in killing him or just wanton murder? Needs to know what is right. .thinks about his wife. His fellow soldier asks him how he killed the sentry…Kaji brushes him off, tells him not to ask a stupid question. They spot a rogue soldier. He’s heading to korea while their going to Meijing? Thinks he can get past the commies by saing comrade in Chinese or Korean. His fellow thinks he should report that man. The man complains he is the NCO but Kaji says rank is most important. Kaji wishes to go to South Manchuria, his NCO does nto want too. Its his duty to rejoin them. Kaji says they’ve been defeated. Does not wish too. Kaji takes off the soldier’s army Insignia as NCO and walks off. Walks through dense forest, Kaji and his other soldier friends. Finds river, desparately washes themselves and finds a group of Japanese people. Soldier asks if they should allow the people to follow them. Kaji does not know whether to say yes or, let them go. The women and men argue over sharing food. They do not wish to share with the harlots because they have nothing in common to share with the group. Kaji says everyone will share. Equality. The group of people now follow Kaji and his men through the forest.
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People have been living in south Manchuria. Harlots are there to fill the needs of the Japanese army. Soldier finds a snail, cooks it and eats it. A woman cries in pain of no beef. The men just say lets eat it for the sake of eating. The people complain its because of the Japanese army. Kaji’s unit. They complain that they should’ve evacuated the women and children from the area. The people are tired and complaining. Kaji seems to be the leader. The soldiers wish to eat the last of the rice. Kaji refuses saying that they should wait till their out of the forest with no food left to eat the last of their rations. The old people keep saying walk to we both die. Will stay with you forever…and Kaji looks at them, pondering about his wife I guess. While people are sleeping, someone walks over to kaji’s rice bag. The lady with a baby attempted to do it. Kaji slaps her and throws her to the ground. Kaji refuses to give them food for everyone is starving and dying the like. “The one who suve to eat. surrvives will eat the rice” The people start complaining that Kaji will basically eat the rice. The baby has died. She cries out of pain and misery. Shrieks. Starts saying to the group, we should leave we’re going to die…
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Japanese History 4 - Japanese History 4 Human Condition 3...

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