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004b - —.— The answer is(E Speed the magnitude of the...

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Unformatted text preview: —.— The answer is (E) Speed, the magnitude of the velocity, can only be positive or zero. Graphically, speed is rEprEEented by the length of the velocity vector. In one dimensional motion, you can refer to a negative velocity, but this specifies the direction of motion not the speed. Two trains moving in the opposire direcrion o! the some speed. 'lI'ELDCIT‘I" IS A lli"E‘.'ZT'|:IIH 1I'lII'I'I-I A AMGHI'I'UEIE AND A DIRECTID'H. ‘lI'ELDCIT'I' MDT IZIII'IL'IIr DESERIII HDW FAST SDMEI'HIHE IS GOING BUT IN WHAT DIRECTION. SPEED IS ONLY THE AMENITUDE. SPEED ANSWERS flML‘I‘ THE QUESTIflN. I-IDW FAST? c zoos .1 wit—rm ...
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