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005b - The answer is Cb The average velocity is I ma...

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Unformatted text preview: The answer is Cb) The average velocity is I] ma. Average veldcitv depends enlv en the net displace- ment ever the time interval. In mc-ving ardund the race. track, from paint A. from paint A. again, the race-car undergoes he net displacement. I'lu a:— fit The average speed is 50 nvs. but speed, the magnitude of the velocity, is net the velt:nt:it}.r itself. velecitv alsn includes the directien of motion. THIS ISIAH OLD ‘TRICI-l' QUES'I'IDH IDN EWREHEMEWE WAS. IN EVERY DAY SPEECH WE USE 'SFEED' AND 'VELDCIT‘I" IHI'EREHAHGEA‘BL‘I’. BUT IN PHYSIESTHE CHEEPTS ARE DIFFERENT. VEL'DEIT‘I" ISA HECTOR. IT HAS DIRECTIG'N. SPEED IS- THE IWAHTEUUE MGHI'I'LIDE CIF THE 1v"ELI'.:!‘rl;l'l"i". 2 2005 .J WEIEEL ...
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