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016b - "It I To discuss the kinematics of twcu...

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Unformatted text preview: "It I To discuss the kinematics of twcu dimensional mutiun, it is essential to clistin- guish the 1rector nature of the kinematical qua ntities. While a scalar quantity only possesses magnitude, a vector quantity possesses both magnitude and direction. I It is important to be ahte to restate a vector as the sum of perpendicular components. To help with this task on comprehensive exams. 1you need to have the following right triangles memorized: Remember: Jim Jim HEM'DRIIE THESE TRIMIELES FUR PRDBLEMS I|.|".|'I'I='H 1|.I"E'|':TIZ:|FI GPERATIDrIS. THE'i" ARE FREQUENTL'Y' REQUIRED FOR MECHANICS PROBLEMS IN TWO DIMENSIONS. -2 EMS .J WHEEL ...
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