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027b - — I Newton's Second Law is the most fundamental...

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Unformatted text preview: —* I Newton's Second Law is the most fundamental expression in mechanics, describing the effects {acceleration} of the most basic interactions {force} between objects. I An object upon which a net force is acting will accelerate. The larger the net force acting on the object. the larger the acceleration. I The mass is the propertyr of a both.F that resists acceleration. The larger the mass. the smaller the acceleration produced by a given force. REMEMBER THATA M55 CAN HAVE FDREES ACTING DH IT MID MDT BE ACEELERATED, IF THE FORCE ARE IN EQUILIBRIUM. THE NET FDRCE ACTING ON THE I-'.'|'BJE'lIT CAUSES THE AECELERATIDN. c 2005 .J WHEEL ...
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