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028b - —¢ The answer is(EU The newton is the 51 unit ef...

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Unformatted text preview: —¢ The answer is (EU The newton is the 51 unit ef farce. A newten ctf farce causes a 1 kg mass ta ac- celerate at 1 mfs’. 1N=1kg$ The jnnte is a unit af energy representing the amount of weak clone by a newten ef farce acting thrnugh 1 meter crf displacement. The dyne is the cgs unit of farce. A dyne of force causes a 1 5 mass tn accelerate at 1 crtu'si. The pound is the unit of force in the British engineering system. [A pnuntl of force causes a 1 slug mass ta accelerate at 1 fuel.) THE UNIT IDF FDRCE I5 DEFINED FROM THE BASIC UNITS IDF M55, DISTANCE, AND TIME (kg. rn, and 5}. "A HEWTDH IS A I'EILDGRAM METER PER SECOND SQUAHED" I5 HE'I'I'TDH'S SECOND Lt|IIIIIIr DF © MUTIDH IN SHUFET-HAHD. e seas .J wcrzEt ...
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