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035b - The answer [email protected] Having the same net charge a the twa...

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Unformatted text preview: * The answer is @1 Having the same net charge, a: the twa particles experience the same farce within the electric field: p = I'm: F =Eq E = elecu'ie field :1 = charge As an expressian af the carrespandence between a field a resulting farce, this farm ula is analagaus tn the expressipn far weight, where the field is a gravitatianal field acting an a mass instead af electric field acting an charge. W = I’arcc W: g m g = gnyimlianal field {acceleralidn due Ia grayily} m = mass Mass plays twa ralls in classical physics, graw‘tatianai mass as the basis far interact- ing with grayitatianal fields and inertial mass as the basis far resisting acceleratian. Mass is still impartant far the charged particles, but anly as inertial mass. While all abjects have the same acceteratian in a grayitatianal field, with an electric field, the farce is determined by charge but acceleratian is determined by the resulting farce acting an inertial mass [Newtan's Secand Law, F: ma]. UHLIHE A GRAWTATIDHAL FIELD, IN AN ELECTRIC FIELD, THE AEEELERATIDH CIIF ALL MRTICLES l5 HUT GDIHG TCI' BE THE SNIIE AT THE SM'IE PflSITIEIN IN THE FIELD. EASE AND CHARGE BOTH F'I..!l‘iIr A HULL IN D-El'ERMJNiNG AECELERM'IDN. e aaas .J warm ...
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