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041a - PHI-tum DWAMICS NJ" NeIWoflIsiamoj-Mofiofl a...

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Unformatted text preview: PHI-tum * DWAMICS * NJ " NeIWoflIsiamoj-Mofiofl a tetherlsall is spinning around its pole at a constant height. The rope is at a 45° angle to the pole. Which of the following statements is true for the forces on the tetherhall? a. The magnitude of the oentri petal force equals the magnitude of its weight. b. Centri petal force magnitude equals the magnitude of the tension on the rope. c. Centripetal force magnitude is about 1.4 times the tension on the rope. d. The weight of the hall is about 1 .4 times the centripetal farce magnitude. ...
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