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048b - 'i The answer is(E For a block on a 45" inclined...

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Unformatted text preview: 'i' The answer is (E) For a block on a 45" inclined plane, the magnitude of the normal force equals not only the compo- nent of the weight perpendicular to the plane but also the component parallel to the plane. The formula for the magnitude of the static fric- tion force is as follows: HELEN In other words, a motion producing force must exceed the product of the coef- ficient of static friction and the normal force for motion to begin. In our example, because the motion producing force {the component of the weight parallel to the plane] equals the normal force in magnitude. motion is presented only if the coefficient of static friction is greater than 1. PROBLEMS EGMEINIMG FRICTION AND THE INELIHED' FLAME ARE EDMII'IDH. REMEMBER THAT STATIC FRICTION REFRESH-ITS ABARRI ER TU Mm IT'S AGDDD EXERCISE TD IMAGINE ‘I'I'I'IATHAPPEHS © AS THE ANGLE lililF INCLINE Incenses c zoos .J warm ...
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