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Biology 30: Human Reproduction and Sexual Behavior Key ilearn quiz 4 Multiple Choice Questions 1. The four phases of sexual response, in order, in Masters and Johnson’s model are: a. excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution. b. resolution, excitement, plateau, orgasm. c. refractory period, orgasm, excitement, desire. d. desire, plateau, orgasm, resolution. Answer a 2. All of the following occur during the excitement phase except __________. a. clitoris retracts underneath the hood. b. labia minora increase in size. c. scrotum elevates. d. penis becomes erect. Answer a 3. Which of the following are chemical messengers produced by endocrine glands that affect libido? a. antiandrogens b. semen c. testosterone d. bremelanotide Answer c 4. Of the main senses, ______ tends to be most dominant in stimulating sexual arousal? a. taste b. touch c. smell d. vision Answer b 5. ______ is the engorgement with blood of body tissues that respond to sexual excitation.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Labioscrotal swelling b. Myotonia c. Tumescence d. Vasocongestion Answer d True or False Questions 6. Research has shown that both men and women demonstrate physiological signs of arousal in response to visual stimuli such as erotica. a. True b. False Answer a 7. Estrogen maintains the thickness and elasticity of vaginal lining and contributes to vaginal lubrication. a. True b. False Answer a 8. Testosterone stimulates the release of dopamine which in turn excites the medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus facilitating sexual arousal and response. a. True b. False Answer a 9. Men will not produce semen if they masturbate too frequently. a. True b. False Answer b 10. The sphincter of the anus will ordinarily relax when stimulated manually. a. True b. False Answer b...
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