Psych150-Lecture13-2 - PSYCHOLOGY 150 Professor Ozlem Ayduk Lecture 13 ASUC Lecture Notes Online(formerly Black Lightning is the only authorized

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PSYCHOLOGY 150 Professor Ozlem Ayduk 2/28/07 Lecture 13 ASUC Lecture Notes Online (formerly Black Lightning) is the only authorized note-taking service at UC Berkeley. Please do not share, copy or illegally distribute these notes. Our non-profit, student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course LECTURE Freud’s Stages of Development Last time we ended by talking about penis envy; we said that some of Freud’s ideas are very arbitrary – you can have an idea and then seek out evidence to support it. In the 1980s a psychologist pointed out that vagina envy makes as much sense in men; women can give birth and have uteruses and always know the baby is theirs. And think of all the pockets in a three-piece suit, in the pants, the jacket the vest, both inside and out. Maybe we can call this evidence of vagina envy. The key point is that once we see the world through a certain lens we can find evidence to support it. But is there a way in which penis envy might be real, not in the way Freud formulated it perhaps, but in another way? Student: Women might envy the power men have. Yes, women may envy the power, status and privilege of men; it’s not about the penis per se. The phallic stage lasts from 3 to 5 or 6 years of age. Latency Period. This lasts from 6 to 13 and is pre-puberty. The sexual and aggressive drives are less active during this phase; Freud had little to say about latency. Kids resolve their identification with authority figures and focus on same sex relationships; boys and girls don’t like each other much during this phase. Genital Period. If there is no fixation in the previous periods we move into the genital phase where genital pleasure predominates. People become adults and focus on love and sharing and having kids and having a job. Sexual and aggressive instincts are regulated through sublimation in the healthy adult as people focus on socially appropriate activity. If there are fixations in the earlier periods, there can be problems. If the libido is not focused in the genital stage entirely, other stages may take up energy and lead to problems. Anxiety and Defenses What is anxiety? It’s rooted in conflict for Freud; there is a conflict between the desire of the id for immediate gratification and the ego which has to delay gratification, so anxiety arises. The ego attempts to help the id find gratification, but it can be under stress because of the demands of the id, the demands of reality and the threat of punishment from the superego. The id offers constant temptation; the superego offers threat; and the real world offers threat as well. So the ego may need to defend itself.
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Psych150-Lecture13-2 - PSYCHOLOGY 150 Professor Ozlem Ayduk Lecture 13 ASUC Lecture Notes Online(formerly Black Lightning is the only authorized

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