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BIOLOGY 30 - HUMAN REPRODUCTION AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR Lecture M/W/F 10:10 AM – 11:00 LFSC 1500 Instructor: Dr. Tracy L. Kahn Office Location: 4170 Batchelor Hall Phone: 951-827-7360 (x27360 on campus) Email : [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 11: 00 AM to Noon and Wednesday 9:00 – 10:00 AM or by appointment Teaching Assistants: Chris Banks ( [email protected] ) Sections: 25, 22, 24, 33 Amanda Banet ( [email protected] ) Sections: 29, 30, 31,32 Kyle Vandolah ( [email protected] ) Sections: 28, 34, 35, 36 Mauricio Torres Mejia ( [email protected] .) Sections: 21, 23, 26, 27 Course Web Site: Required Materials: Text: Crooks and Baur, 2008. Our Sexuality 10 th Custom Edition. Thomson/Wadsworth. This custom edition with fewer chapters is available in the UCR bookstore. You may purchase the entire book either as a paperback or hard cover but it will be more expensive. See our ilearn site for more information about the text. Five copies are available on reserve at the Science Library. You also need a clicker for use in the lecture section. All clickers must be registered prior to use with your username and password at TENTATIVE SCHEDULE DATE LECTURE TOPICS REQUIRED READINGS IN TEXT, HANDOUTS AND AT ILEARN SITE Mon. Jan. 5 Course Introduction and Perspectives on Sexuality Read Syllabus and Term Project Handout Wed. Jan 7 More Perspectives and Sexuality Research Chapter 1 Fri. Jan. 9 More About Research on Sexuality Chapter 2 Skip “Goals” pp 26-27 Mon. Jan. 12 Sex, Gender and Gender Roles Chapter 3 pp 46-48 Wed. Jan 14 Gender Identity Formation, Intersexuality Chapter 3 pp 49-61 Fri. Jan 16 Transexualism and Transgenderism Chapter 3 pp 62-66 Mon. Jan. 19 HOLIDAY Wed. Jan. 21 External Female Sexual Anatomy Chapter 4 pp 78-85 Fri. Jan. 23 Internal Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 4 pp 85-98, extra pages as ilearn attachment Mon. Jan. 26 Female Physiology and Health Issues Chapter 4 pp 99-107 Wed. Jan. 28 Exam 1 covers material presented Jan. 5- Jan. 26 Fri. Jan. 30 Male Sexual Anatomy Chapter 5 pp 111-120 Mon. Feb 2 Male Sexual Physiology and Health Issues Chapter 5 pp 120-130 Wed. Feb. 4 Sexual Orientation Chapter 9. pp 234-254 Fri. Feb 6 Contraception Chapter 10 Mon. Feb. 9 Condom Day and More about Contraception Chapter 10 Wed. Feb. 11 Sexually Transmitted Infections Chapter 15 Fri. Feb. 13 Sexually Transmitted Infections Chapter 15 Mon. Feb. 16 HOLIDAY – No discussion sections this week. Wed. Feb. 18 Sexually Transmitted Infections-HIV/AIDS Chapter 15 Fri. Feb. 20 Exam 2 covers material presented Jan. 30-Feb. 18 Mon. Feb. 23 Sexual Arousal and Response Chapter 6 Wed. Feb. 25 Sexual Behaviors Chapter 8 Fri. Feb. 27 Sexual Difficulties and Increasing Satisfaction Chapter 14 pp 377-406 Mon. Mar. 2 Atypical Sexual Behaviors Chapter 16 Web. Mar. 4 Conceiving Children, Process and Choice Chapter 11 Fri. Mar. 6 Alternatives to Intercourse for Conception
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