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Biology 30 Term ProjectW09 - Biology 30 Human Reproduction...

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Biology 30: Human Reproduction and Sexual Behavior Term Project Scientists commonly present their research results in the form of oral presentations. For this assignment you will select a topic associated with some biological aspect of human sexuality from a list, and then research in depth a narrow aspect of this topic in order to prepare a 2 minute an oral presentation for members of your discussion section. This term project has a number of assignments leading up to and associated with the oral presentation including: (1) topic selection, (2) preparation of a preliminary annotated bibliography (3) preparation of an outline for the text of your presentation (4) written text of both your oral presentation and one PowerPoint slide (5) preparation of an oral presentation from your text and PowerPoint slide, and (6) submission of the text to “Safer Assignment” to allow us to check for matching between your text and internet sites. The timetable for assignments and details are outlined below. This is actually harder to do than a longer term paper because you have to condense your research down to what you can present in a 2 minute oral presentation and you have to be familiar with the subject so you are able to talk about the topic using a single PowerPoint slide as a visual. I have provided a copy of a general article for you to use as a starting point on E-Reserve at the Science Library. You do not have to use this article or the title given to this topic, but the references listed in this article may be valuable. Take notes from the articles that seem relevant to your narrow topic. From your notes, you will first compose the annotated bibliography and outline and then later compose the text you will use as a basis for your oral presentation. The content is the most important aspect of this project, but it also extremely important that the text of your oral presentation be in your own words. You are not allowed to “cut and paste” sentences or phrases from internet sites. See details about plagiarism below. This term project is worth 200 points or 25% of your course grade. We have broken the project into steps which are outlined below along with the due dates. Steps for preparing your Term Project: 1. Week 1 (Week of Jan. 7 th ): Review the list of topics on this handout and choose your top 3 choices. Go to E-Reserves and find the article that corresponds to the topics of your choice. The password for E-Reserves is “Dirty30”
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Biology 30 Term ProjectW09 - Biology 30 Human Reproduction...

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