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COURSE REQUIREMENTS- Chart below summarizes requirements. Requirements Number Points Each Date/Location To Do Lecture Exams 3 100 points 300 / 37.5% See syllabus/Lecture No Final Exam During Finals Week 5 20 points x 5 scores 100 / 12.5% TBA See Above 50 / 6.25% 8 150 / 18.75% Discussion Term Project 1 200 / 25% TOTAL 800 Total Grade Points / % of Grade Attend lecture, take notes on lecture outlines, read required readings. Lecture iLearn Activities (Quizzes and an Assignment) Due dates announced in lecture prior to start of activities. Conducted at Study lecture material. Attend lecture sessions to be informed of due dates. Lecture Clicker Queries and Quizzes
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Unformatted text preview: During lecture sessions starting officially Jan. 12. Study lecture material. These clicker questions and queries are conducted during lecture sessions. Discussion Participation and TA points 15 points for each of the 8 discussion sessions. Plus an additional 30 TA Points. Discussion session each week Attend and participate in discussion activities each week. Divided into multiple assignments with different point amounts. Due in discussion either the week of Feb. 23 or March 2. Your TA will tell you which week your project will be due. A separate handout on this term project will be handed out in discussion....
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