idris_wazeeruddin_17a - import java.util.Scanner; /* * */...

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import java.util.Scanner; i /** * */ /** /** * @author Idris Wazeerud-Din * @version 1.0.3 * @since 1.0.1 * @category Games * */ public class idris_wazeeruddin_17a { p /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub /** This program implements the popular game Rock, Paper, Scissors * * A) PRINT USER STATUS * Whenever the user wins print, "You won!". * Whenever the user loses print, "You lost!". * Whenever the computer and the user pick the same thing print, "It is a draw!". * * B) PRINT GAME PLAY STATUS * Whenever rock beats scissors print, "Rock smashes scissors!". * Whenever scissors beat paper print, "Scissors cut paper!". * Whenever paper beats rock print, "Paper covers rock!". * * C) PRINT USER CHOICE * If the user picks rock print, "You picked rock". * If the user picks scissors print, "You picked scissors". * If the user picks paper print, "You picked paper". * * D) PRINT COMPUTER CHOICE
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idris_wazeeruddin_17a - import java.util.Scanner; /* * */...

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