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TUFTS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES SPANISH 22 (BLOCK C) FALL 2008 Sección F Profesora: Oficina: Horas de oficina: e-mail: ¡Bienvenidos a Español 22! TEXTOS: (USRP) The Ultimate Spnanish Review and Practice , Gordon/ Stillman, 1999 (SM) Supplementary Material for Spanish 22 , 2ª ed.,Davis/Rosso, 2007 (VVL) Vistas y voces latinas, 3ª ed., Levine/Montross, 2002 Mujeres de negro , Josefina Aldecoa, 1994 Diccionario bilingüe (recomendado): Diccionario Oxford Compacto Diccionario monolingüe (recomendado): Diccionario usual Larrousse, enciclopédico COMPOSITION AND CONVERSATION II The aim of the course is to expand the spoken and written ability of the student in Spanish. Practice in oral expression will be accomplished through class discussions of modern literary works, films, and documentaries, as well as presentations and debates on current issues affecting Latin America, Spain or the Latino community in the USA. Practice of written skills will be achieved through compositions, reaction papers on the documentaries and reviews of specific grammar points. COMPOSITIONS: There will be four compositions during the semester. Three of the four compositions will have a rewrite option and both the first and the final version of each one will receive a grade. The fourth composition of the semester will not have a rewrite option. Each composition should consist of 575-625 words. Students shall work on the first version by themselves, without help from tutors or friends. Professors will always be available for consultation during office hours. The compositions will be graded for content, organization, vocabulary and grammar. There will also be an in-class composition at the end of the semester. Late compositions will not be accepted . MOVIES AND DOCUMENTARIES: Students are required to watch 2 movies and 2 documentaries during the semester for the weeks indicated on the syllabus. All the movies and documentaries (except the last one) will be available on the Blackboard directory "Listen and Watch ", included in "Spanish - Language Instruction Media". Students can also watch them in Olin in the days at times indicated on Blackboard (SPN-22: Conversation and Composition II). Todo sobre mi madre and Un lugar en el mundo will be part of EXAM I and
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EXAM II respectively. For The Good Fight and Granito de arena , students need to hand-in a brief reaction of around 300 words each during the corresponding week. GRAMMAR REVIEW: There will be four quizzes based on the grammar reviewed during the semester. Also, students should concentrate on such grammatical points on exams, compositions and other oral and written assignments. Students must bring their grammar book to class on the days of the rewiews and use it outside class to do the exercises and to work on the compositions. Answers to the exercises are included at the end of the book. PRESENTATIONS:
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