comp11f09lab2 - Minnie ʼ s Mini Golf 1 Command Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Minnie ʼ s Mini Golf 1. Command Review Command Description Example pwd Print the working directory. pwd ls List the fles and subdirectories ls cd Change the working directory cd /home/files cp Copy fle(s) From one place to another cp hello.txt /home/files/ mv Move / Rename fles mv /source/hello.txt /home/ rm Remove/delete fle(s) specifed rm /home/files/hello.txt mkdir Make a new directory mkdir comp11directory man Display the manual page For a command or Function man ls g++ Compile source code into a binary program g++ -o progname code.cpp emacs Edit source code or other text in the terminal emacs -nw somecode.cpp 2. Introduction Minnie owns and operates a miniature golF course on Cape Cod. Needless to say, there ʼ s a lot oF competition. On a beautiFul Sunday aFternoon, there are enough customers For everyone, but at other times, there are Fewer people out looking For Fun. Minnie has decided she needs some way to diFFerentiate her business and to attract customers. As a TuFts undergrad, Minnie took Comp 11 For Fun while she pursued her major in Pirate-themed hospitality, something we sadly no longer oFFer. Naturally she fgured she could use this to her advantage. She came up with the idea oF Active Pricing . She would hang a big electronic sign outside her establishment that would list the price oF one round oF miniature golF. This sign would be connected to a computer which would be running some soFtware. The soFtware would determine the price based on certain desirability Factors. The goal would be to lower soFtware....
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This note was uploaded on 10/19/2009 for the course COMP 11 taught by Professor Stafford during the Fall '08 term at Tufts.

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comp11f09lab2 - Minnie ʼ s Mini Golf 1 Command Review...

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