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comp11f09lab3 - Comp 11 Fall 2009 Lab 3 Lucy in the sky...

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Lucy in the sky with diamonds (and squares) 1. Command Review - just in case... Command Description Example pwd Print the working directory. pwd ls List the files and subdirectories ls cd Change the working directory cd /home/files cp Copy file(s) from one place to another cp hello.txt /home/files/ mv Move / Rename files mv /source/hello.txt /home/ rm Remove/delete file(s) specified rm /home/files/hello.txt mkdir Make a new directory mkdir comp11directory man Display the manual page for a command or function man ls g++ Compile source code into a binary program g++ -o progname code.cpp emacs Edit source code or other text in the terminal emacs somecode.cpp & 2. Introduction Today you will write two functions to print shapes --- ascii style! Yes were are rocking it old school, way old school. Your job is to write two functions: void printSquare(int size); void printDiamond(int size); The output of the function print square when size is 11 is: *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** Comp 11 Fall 2009 Lab 3 Page 1/2
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The output of the function printDiamond(11) is: * *** ***** ******* ********* *********** ********* ******* ***** *** * Some hints: 1. Use nested loops!
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