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Benjamin Hescott - Teaching Statement High expectations yield results. After teaching four courses and leading discussion sections over the past years, a simple observation has emerged from my experience. Expect a lot from your students, and they will deliver. Whether teaching Introduction to Computers for non-majors or Data Structures and Algorithms, I have always expected the majority of students to do well in my class. One of the best ways to inspire students is to instill confidence that they are able to achieve a deep understanding of the material. This confidence is contagious; students believe that they can do well. Of course, not every student can get an A. When a student does not perform well, I try to interpret whether the student is doing their personal best or merely disinterested and apathetic. I then use this information to inform my instruction. One way I successfully assess students early on, is through office hours. In the first weeks of a class, I encourage visits from students. When meeting with a student, I assemble a
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