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BMB 402H Study Guide Spring 2009 Chapter 25 Metabolism of Lipids (II) 1. Pathway of the synthesis of squalene from acetyl-CoA: chemical structures and names of all the intermediates; names of the enzymes involved; be familiar with the mechanisms shown in the Handout so that you can trace the fate of the methyl and carboxyl carbons of acetyl-CoA 2. Types of reactions involved in the synthesis of cholesterol from squalene (No need to know the detailed mechanism of squalene oxidocyclase) 3. Four different mechanisms for controlling the biosynthesis of cholesterol 4. How transcription of the HMG-CoA reductase gene is regulated by cholesterol levels 5. Major classes of lipoproteins and their physiological roles (No need to memorize the density, size, contents of lipids and proteins, or the apolipoprotein composition for each lipoprotein) 6. Functions of apolipoproteins A-I, B-100, C-II, C-III, and E 7. Reactions catalyzed by ACAT and LCAT; pay attention to the differences between these two enzymes
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Study_Guide_for_Chapter_25_II_ - BMB 402H Study Guide...

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