2009_Practice_Quiz_on_Ch_23 - (4 points(a ATP(b...

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BMB 402H Spring 2009 Practice Quiz on Chapter 23 Name: ___________________________________________________ 1. For each of the following reactions, (i) name the enzyme involved; (ii) name the co-enzyme, if any, required for the reaction; (iii) name the cellular compartment in which the reaction occurs. (4 points) (a). The first reaction of the first bypass step in gluconeogenesis (b). Conversion of two different pentose phosphate sugars to one seven-carbon sugar phosphate and one three-carbon sugar phosphate in the pentose phosphate pathway 2. The following compounds are allosteric regulators of one or more regulatory enzymes of glycolysis and/or gluconeogenesis. For each compound, name one enzyme that it regulates and indicate whether it is a positive or negative regulator.
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Unformatted text preview: (4 points) (a). ATP (b). Fructose-2,6-bisphosphate (c). Citrate (d). Acetyl-CoA 3. Name the two protein components of lactose synthase. (2 points) 4. Draw the chemical structure of ribulose-5-phosphate and use the carbon numbers of glucose to indicate the origin of each carbon. By convention, the aldehyde carbon of glucose is the “number 1 carbon”. (3 points) 5. Two of the reactions in gluconeogenesis require ATP. Use chemical names, structures, or abbreviations to show a balanced equation for each of these two reactions. (4 points) 6. Briefly explain the physiological significance of the contrasting ratios of [NAD + ]/[NADH] and [NADP + ]/[NADPH] in the cytosol, with the former being ~1000 and the latter being ~0.01. (3 points)...
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2009_Practice_Quiz_on_Ch_23 - (4 points(a ATP(b...

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