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BMB 402H Spring 2009 Practice Quiz on Chapter 17 Name: ___________________________________________________ 1. Show a balanced equation for the hydrolysis of phosphoenolpyruvate. You must use chemical structures to show all the substrates and products. (3 points) 2. Give one example to back up the statement: “Some hexoses are inter-converted at the level of the monophosphorylated hexoses.” Answer this question by using chemical names or chemical structures to show the conversion of one monophosphorylated hexose to another monophosphorylated hexose. You must also provide the name of the enzyme involved in this inter-conversion. (3 points) 3. Use chemical names to write a balanced reaction for glycolysis, and name the enzyme(s) responsible for the production of each of the products (except H + , if any). (3 points) 4. How is lactate produced in the muscle during fermentation converted back to pyruvate, and in
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Unformatted text preview: which tissue does this enzymatic reaction occur? (2 points) 5(a). Name a glycolytic enzyme that requires Mg 2+ for its activity. (1 point) 5(b). Name the glycolytic enzyme whose mechanism involves the formation of Schiff base with its substrate. (1 point) 5(c). Name an enzyme you have learned in Chapter 17 that requires Zn 2+ for its activity. (1 point) 6. The standard free energies of phosphate hydrolysis of ATP (to ADP and P i ) and glycerol-3-phosphate are 20 kJ/mol and 9.2 kJ/mol, respectively. If ATP and glycerol are mixed in a solution containing the appropriate enzyme, write a balanced equation for the reaction that will occur between them and give the name of the enzyme. (3 points) 7. Draw the chemical structure of lactose, and list all the enzymes that are required to convert both its hydrolytic products (monosaccharides) to glucose-6-phosphate in the liver. (3 points)...
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2009_Practice_Quiz_1_on_Ch_17 - which tissue does this...

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