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Quiz#1. January 28, 2008. Name: _____________________________ 1. Take a look at this gel and read the figure legend. A. Which polypeptide is larger, C/D or RD? C/D B. SDS was present in the buffer with the proteins as they ran through the column. ______True ___X___False 2. Most sugar modifications are found on regions of transmembrane proteins that ______A. are on the outside of the plasma membrane, and never anywhere inside the cell ______B. flip-flop between the inner and outer face of the plasma membrane as the sugar
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Unformatted text preview: is being added ___X___C. are present on the inside of the Golgi complex and outside of the plasma membrane ______D. are present on the outside of the Golgi complex and outside of the plasma membrane Figure legend. Western blot analysis of fractions from a gel filtration column. Fractions were loaded in order from left to right as they were eluted from the column. The blot was probed with two antibodies, against C/D and RD polypeptides....
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