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Lecture 13 - Olivier et al Goal - Find proteins that bind to RTK and link RTK to Ras compare and contrast a trimeric G protein and a small GTP binding protein such as Ras how are they activated (binding receptor versus binding a specific GEF)? are they active when bound to GTP or GDP? how are they inactivated? What is a kinase cascade? What does an SH2 domain bind? When would you use a cDNA library versus a genomic library? Decribe how the expression library was screened to identify drk. What was the probe used to screen the cDNA library and how was it prepared? Which technique was used to examine the localization of the drk RNA? Which technique was used to examine the expression of the drk protein? What does hybridization to a Drosophila polytene chromosome "squash" tell you?
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Unformatted text preview: What is an ommatidia? Sevenless is an RTK, and boss is the ligand that activates sevenless. Which cell in the ommatidia expresses boss? The differentiation of which cell depends on sevenless activation? How many R7 cells would be in each ommatidia if sevenless was unactive? How many R7 cells would be in each ommatidia if sevenless signaling was overactivated in too many cells? Which of the above scenarios results in rough eyes? (BOTH!) Su(SevS11)R1 and E(sev)2B are at same position in chromosome 2 as drk How were these alleles isolated? (understand role of sevenless and boss) suppressor of strong sevenless signaling enhancer of weak sevenless signaling Both reduce signaling Both the same gene...
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