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Lee guide answers - Guide for Lee & Nurse. (1987)...

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the fission yeast cell cycle control gene cdc2. Nature 327, 31-35 These questions are intended to help you read the paper in an inquisitive fashion and to help you focus on some of the issues you should understand. Please cover each of these questions during your reading and studying. Please submit the answers to 5 of these questions for your homework assignment. 1) What is the normal function of the cdc2 gene in the fission yeast S. pombe? cdc2 functions to control the S. pombe cell cycle and is required to move past the START point in G1 and to move past the G2-M checkpoint and enter into mitosis. 2) What is the phenotype of temperature sensitive, loss-of-function mutations in cdc2 at the restrictive temperature? What is the phenotype of gain-of-function (dominant) mutations in cdc2? cdc2 ts mutants are recessive lethal at the non-permissive temperature. They do not grow because they cannot complete the cell cycle. The ts cdc2 mutants are normal at the permissive temperature. The dominant, gain of function mutants form small cells because they pass through the cell cycle too quickly, divide into 2 daughter cells more quickly and, thus, do not have time to grow to the same size as a normal cell. 3) The authors introduce a human cDNA library into a strain of yeast carrying a
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Lee guide answers - Guide for Lee & Nurse. (1987)...

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