Krause_answ - Guide for Krause et al. (2001) Multi-organ,...

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Guide for Krause et al. (2001) Multi-organ, multi-lineage engraftment by a single bone marrow-derived stem cell. Cell 105:369-377. These questions are intended to help you read the paper in an inquisitive fashion and to help you focus on some of the issues you should understand. Please cover each of these questions during your reading and studying. Please submit the answers to 5 of these questions for your homework assignment. Bone marrow contains a mixture of various cell types, including rare hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) that are capable of self-renewal (forming additional HSC) as well as giving rise to all the cells of the myeloid and lymphoid lineages (red and white blood cells). These authors seek to purify a single HSC from bone marrow and examine its characteristics. 1. Stem cells are thought to derive their identity as much from their surrounding enviroment as from their internal genetic program. An environment that supports a stem cell is called a niche. What is the proper niche for a HSC? 1. The niche for a HSC is the marrow space. 2. The first steps in the procedure to purify a HSC are elutriation and lineage depletion of the bone marrow. Elutriation is a centrifigal-based method to separate cells by density, which is related to their size.
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Krause_answ - Guide for Krause et al. (2001) Multi-organ,...

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