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1 - lec24hili - o What is meant by and adult stem cell(e.g...

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Intro to Development Highlights Mammalian development o Early events What is compaction? What is blastocyst? and how is it formed? Outer cells give rise to? Inner cell mass gives rise to? o Gastrulation Name germ layers and examples of tissues and organs each will form o Be able to discuss difference between determined and differentiated. o what are the major determination events during embryogenesis? What is a stem cell? o Define toti-, pluri-, multi- and uni- potent and be able to give examples. o Where would you find a toti-potent cell? o Name the point in development where totipotency is lost. o Name the point in development where pluripotency is thought to be lost. Note that this wording “Lost” implies that this is irreversible. Is this true?
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Unformatted text preview: o What is meant by and adult stem cell? (e.g., what is the source of the stem cells?) What is HSC? o What is ES? Presumably ES cells are pluripotent. How is this demonstrated for mouse ES cells and why cant this be formally proven for human? How do we determine a human stem cell line is multipotent?- differentiate into different types of cells in culture is one way What are the sources of ES cells? Human ES cell source ? donated embryos from in vitro fertilization procedures Human EG (embryonic germ stem cell) cell source ? pre-term fetus o How could stem cells be useful for a therapeutic purpose? • • What is SCNT? what is reprogramming? why is this potentially useful?...
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