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Guide for Terada et al. (2002) Bone marrow cells adopt the phenotype of other cells by spontaneous cell fusion. Nature 416: 542-545. These questions are intended to help you read the paper in an inquisitive fashion and to help you focus on some of the issues you should understand. Please cover each of these questions during your reading and studying. Please submit the answers to 5 of these questions for your homework assignment. 1. What is transdifferentiation? The authors use this term to describe observations where stem cells of one type have been observed to differentiate into cells of a different and unexpected cell type, specifically from a cell type that is derived from one germ layer to a cell type that is normally derived from another germ layer. 2. What was the primary hypothesis that was being investigated regarding the effect that ES cells might have on an adult stem cell? They were trying to find out if adult stem cell character could be influenced by co culturing the cells with embryonic stem cells. They thought that perhaps ES cells had the ability via direct cell interaction with adult stem cells or via production of a secreted signaling factor to alter the programming and “dedifferentiate” an adult stem cell. 3. The authors are mixing two types of cells and want to be able to isolate the adult- derived stem cells after a period of co-culture. What property of the two cell types will
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Terada_answers - Guide for Terada et al. (2002) Bone marrow...

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