Ch6 HW3 S2008 - Ch6 HW3 S2008 4/25/08 10:31 AM Web Assign...

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4/25/08 10:31 AM Ch6 HW3 S2008 Page 1 of 3 Ch6 HW3 S2008 (Homework) KRISTIN SEILOFF Instructor: Jennifer Curtis Description Review of open and closed system; air resistance Instructions Reading: Sections 6.7-6.10 Web Assign Current Score: 7 out of 9 Due: Monday, March 10, 200812:00 PM EDT 7/9 points In a fusion reaction, the nuclei of two atoms join to form a single atom of a different element. In such a reaction, a fraction of the rest energy of the original atoms is converted to kinetic energy of the reaction products. A fusion reaction that occurs in the Sun converts hydrogen to helium. Since electrons are not involved in the reaction, we focus on the nuclei. Hydrogen and deuterium (heavy hydrogen) can react to form helium plus a high-energy photon called a gamma ray: Objects involved in the reaction: Particle # of protons # of neutrons Charge Rest Mass (atomic mass units) 1 H (proton) 1 0 + e 1.0073 2 H (deuterium) 1 1 + e 2.0136 3 He (helium) 2 1 +2 e 3.0155 gamma ray 0 0 0 0 Although in most problems you solve in this course you should use values of constants rounded to 2 or 3 significant figures, in this problem you must keep at least 5 significant figures throughout your calculation. Problems involving mass changes require many
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Ch6 HW3 S2008 - Ch6 HW3 S2008 4/25/08 10:31 AM Web Assign...

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