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4/25/08 10:34 AM Ch10 HW2 S2008 Page 1 of 6 http:[email protected][email protected] Ch10 HW2 S2008 (Homework) KRISTIN SEILOFF Instructor: Jennifer Curtis Description Rotational and translational angular momentum; Rotational kinetic energy Instructions Section 10.2 In this assignment you are allowed 3 submissions per numeric question part, and 2 submissions per multiple choice question part Web Assign Current Score: 26 out of 26 Due: Friday, April 4, 200808:35 AM EDT 1. 3/3 points Mounted on a low-mass rod of length 0.32 m are four balls. Two balls (shown in red on the diagram), each of mass 0.61 kg, are mounted at opposite ends of the rod. Two other balls, each of mass 0.31 kg (shown in blue on the diagram), are each mounted a distance 0.08 m from the center of the rod. The rod rotates on an axle through the center of the rod (indicated by the "x" in the diagram), perpendicular to the rod, and it takes 0.9 seconds to make one full rotation. (a) What is the moment of inertia of the device about its center? = 0.035 0.0352 kg·m 2 (b) What is the angular speed of the rotating device? = 6.98 6.98 radians/s (c) What is the magnitude of the angular momentum of the rotating device? = .246 0.246 kg·m 2 /s Solution or Explanation (a) Each mass contributes an amount mr 2 to the moment of inertia, so I = 2m 1 r 1 2 + 2m 2 r 2 2 (b) = 2 / T . (c) The angular momentum is .
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4/25/08 10:34 AM Ch10 HW2 S2008 Page 2 of 6 http:[email protected][email protected] 2. 8/8 points Moments of intertia for some objects of uniform density: disk I = (1/2) MR 2 , cylinder I = (1/2) MR 2 , sphere I = (2/5) MR 2 (a) A uniform disk has a moment of inertia that is (1/2) MR 2 . A uniform disk of mass 12 kg, thickness 0.5 m, and radius 0.8 m is located at the origin, oriented with its axis along the y axis. It rotates clockwise around its axis when viewed from above (that is, you stand at a point on the +y
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Ch10 HW2 S2008 - Ch10 HW2 S2008 10:34 AM Web Assign Ch10...

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