10 - 9/10 race science use scientific methods of...

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9/10 race science- use scientific methods of investigation to explore differences between different races people assume there are genetic and behavioral differences between these groups behavioral differences caused by different genetics gave scientific validation to existing ideologies becomes popular around the time of slavery, who is capable of being a citizen? Anthropometry- measurement of the human body Biological determinism- the surface and the interior of the individual rather than its social characteristics, such as language, behavior, or clothing, became the primary sites of its meaning Deterministic- takes away individual agency, don’t have control over it, this is the major factor explaining outcomes Something about people’s biology that determines where they end up in society Assumption that the body could provide all the answers to mysterious questions The body existed within a social environment: the city Evolutionary theory- emphasizes the continuity between animals and human beings;
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10 - 9/10 race science use scientific methods of...

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