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10/29 Fresh Grocer owned by Patrick Burns and Mike Ranier Underclass- divorced from employment relationship of any kind, economic factors as well as seen as socially dysfunctional Wilson- racism less of an issue for the creation of the black underclass, impersonal market forces more of the issue (class issues) Deindustrialization of factors, jobs being taken out of inner cities Didn’t support Clinton’s welfare policies Douglas and Massey think it’s more of a race issue- black communities are hypersegregated which causes the black underclass All agree that there’s a black underclass, just don’t agree on the cause, both think it has behavioral problems, bad culture, families etc. Segregation and Stratification by Massey Health effects, and implication on health of policy etc. Impact of institutional practices and black segregation on health Spatial mobility limited by social mobility- where can you go and not experience violence Where you can physically go without feeling fear Especially relates to housing because that has a certain amount of permanency
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