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11/19 Philadelphia- 5 th largest city but some think it lacks the characteristics necessary to be a global city Centers of culture, commerce, banking, sites where people form different countries come together in various contexts Global city is important to global economy and global social interactions NY- has the UN, fashion, art, finance What distinguishes Philadelphia as a global city when it’s stuck in between 2 more important cities- DC and NY Phila population was decreasing, city council thought maybe encouraging immigrants would not only increase those numbers but could establish Phila as a multiethnic hub, this could be Phila’s position in the global spectrum Ppl in certain industries like at hotels and restaurants serve as diplomats of the city to tourists Sassen: Hypermobility as an important part of globalization Technology allows us to make huge transactions with a click of a button Also allows for homogenization- McDonald’s all over the globe
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Unformatted text preview: Factories can pick up and move overnight Neoliberalism- erosion of state sovereignty in the face of global capital and corporate consolidation The local gets ignored in favor of the global Nightingale: Racism in the process of globalization Smith: Relationship between globalization and gentrification Gentrification- process by which new residents move into a place and in the process increase the property value, making it more difficult for the people who were originally living there to continue living there Economic and cultural dimensions “there goes the neighborhood” when yoga studio and coffee shop move in you move in and change the environment, and you induce others like yourself to move in too- double effect social aspects- if it gets to expensive for original people to live there will they start to feel like squatters in their own neighborhood? Art scene-...
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