16 - Earl Wright Ida B Wells DuBois Who’s work get...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/14/09 Earl Wright, Ida B. Wells, DuBois Who’s work get recognized? Who gets paid to do that work? Ida B. Wells just recently getting revognition Empirical research- DuBois and Wells, things that you can observe outside of yourself Wells: study about black men raping white women- often consensual DuBois and Wells combine empiricism of science and the activists’ wish to effect change Movie- Race the Power of an Illusion Part 2 Is race biological? NO socially constructed Phenotype- exterior physical characteristics Biology vs. culture (behaviorally driven differences) What can ppl do behaviorally to change and assimilate? Both view points assume inferiority Different view depending on racial group- some seen as biologically inferior, others seen as culturally inferior How did race science seep its way into the general public? What are some political reasons ppl would support these ideas? Race- not how you look but how ppl assign meaning to how you look An idea constructed by society to further certain economic and political goals Thomas Jeff- penned Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal”, he was a slaveholder (175-225) “Note on VA”- blacks inferior to whites in body and mind keep our ideas of nationality but write certain ppl out of the human family intense need for labor in the colonies before first Africans came, religion and economic status defined ppl, color had not yet been ingrained European indentured servants replaced w African slaves “endless labor supply” Can’t just run away bc they don’t blend in!...
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16 - Earl Wright Ida B Wells DuBois Who’s work get...

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