21 - 9/21 Park writing during Progressive Era(1890s...

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9/21 Park- writing during Progressive Era (1890s) 1900-1929, in Chicago 1919- Red Summer: race riots, red for blood and communist fear white-on-black violence not confined to south (riot on Chicago) DuBois has already written Philadelphia Negro and Wells has written Southern Horrors Ppl start pushing for reforms- DuBois funded to do study assessing situation US establishing itself as a “Modern” nation- industrialization, technology, globalization, no “heathen” religion (“civilized”), militarily advanced, rise of universities, US stops seeing itself in universal, not hemispheric terms, “civilizing force of the world” Expanding white middle class- consumerism as a result of industrialization and mass production, also factory jobs help expand middle class Nadir of race relations- “low point”, Rayford Logan talks about this, 1000s of lynchings, blacks mostly in agriculture and domestic work- no upward mobility, no social security Increasing diversification in immigration- 15 mil immigrants between 1900 and 1915, many from E and S Europe (Euro immigrants up until this point had been W and N) Euro immigrants had rights- could vote before became citizens, could get loans for land-
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21 - 9/21 Park writing during Progressive Era(1890s...

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