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9/23 ROBERT PARK Chicago School - concerned w urban change, inequality, segregation, race relations in urban settings, ethnography- theoretical ideology comes from what you observe Got his PhD in Germany How do diff populations coexist w each other? What role does the city play in shaping either conflict or harmony within groups? Chicago was a hotbed of change- a lot of immigrants, blacks settle there during Great Migration, Chicago Defender is one of prominent black newspapers, site of many race riots including during Red Summer, industry- meat-packing, transportation center Obvious spot for tension- job competition Highly segregated city Park’s Race Relations Cycle - his model of assimilation, 4 stages: 1. Contact- neighborhood, transportation, work (factories) 2. Competition 3. Accommodation- both sides have to give in a little bit 4. Assimilation- Melting Pot Theory, fusion of culture Melting Pot Theory - biological basis for cultural distinctions, melt into each other- the differences you have become indistinguishable, together we create a new nationality or
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